Welcome to Asham's Cosplay site.

This is Asham! Or you might know me as Syaoran Li from Manifest 2003 or Ash Ketchum from Manifest 2002 or Syaoran Li and Ash Ketchum from Animania 2003!

This site has photos, photos and more photos! You will be able to see photos on this web site from Manifest 2003, 2002 and Animania 2003! (seeing how they are the only Anime convention I have been to... -_-;)

If you have any photos that I can put on my web site or have a web site with photos on it, please email me! And if there are any photos (of you) you wish for me to take down please don't be afraid to tell me!

Animania '03 photos notes

I don't have any of the Sunday cosplay comp. (well unless I have got them from someone else...) because my friend who was taking the photos didn't know how to work the camera... O_o...

Manifest '03 photos notes

I think my editing was better for the Sunday photos... sorry about the Saturday photos...

Manifest '02 photos notes

I was using the schools camera, so most of the cosplay comp. photos are relly bad...


What do you think of the new lay out? Well I like this one better than the first one... I mean how can you go wrong with Syaoran and Eriol on your layout?!
Do you remember what first layout? If you don't click here!

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